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Love staying in the 5 star heritage style hotel in Goa, Vivanta. Tourists have a luxurious and relaxing stay in this resort, with every potential luxury amenity supplied to them at each corner. Stay in this resort is bound to be unforgettable, romantic, zesty and lively.

Intimate, Enchanting, Lively. It’s history. It is where royalty, heads of the largest stars as well as authorities are known to pay a visit. For the extravagant Goa experience, which no other area has been able to recreate. The scenic settings creates an excellent backdrop to the whole experience,added to which the Jiva Spa as well as the nouvelle restaurants can make you to go Ah!

Soak in the space that showcases the nature of Goa. The 45 kilometer drive from the airport is going to have you reveling in backseat surprises.

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