Iconic Jeep Compass makes an appearance on Goa’s palm-tree-lined idyllic roads


For many years, Mario Miranda made Goa famous with his cartoons of the typical Goan gentleman in the solar topi, as he bicycled around the pretty field-lined village roads, sometimes with an umbrella under his arm along with a folded newspaper … times have changed now.

Today, Goa and the Goans have done so well, they drive around in style, in the latest 4-wheel luxury cars. From the elegant Rolls Royce and the Mercedes to the rugged 4×4 SUVs and even luxury sports cars with batwing doors – they aren’t an uncommon sight in Goa. Especially in the wee hours of the night. Next to the high-energy floating casinos that have recently made their appearance along the Mandovi River.

So what’s so special about the news that the internationally famous “Jeep” is being launched in Goa by Goa’s very own Quadros Motors and the Models Construction Group?

To the “Fast and Furious” in Goa, the news is a hot topic of discussion for several heated reasons.

#1 reason to celebrate is that it’s that iconic machine called the “Jeep Compass” that is making its debut here in Goa. Over the past few days, it has pulled in 1000 bookings. There’s a dedicated retail outlet in Goa’s capital city Panjim, where you can make your booking too. We Goans have always loved to be firmly behind the wheel. And what wheel better than that of the Jeep Compass. Currently, you can choose to book it as a 160+ HP, 250 Nm Multi-air petrol version or as the 170+ HP, 350 Nm, Diesel version. You can also choose whether you want a 6-speed manual transmission or the 7-speed Dual Dry Clutch Technology Automatic transmission. The latter, however, is only available if you book a petrol driven engine.

Want a choice of colours?

Pick the Minimal Grey, Exotica Red, Hydro Blue, Vocal White or the “Goan” Hip Hop Black. In 4×2 and 4×4 powered versions

As luck would have it, you also get the choice of Sport, Longitude and the Limited (top-of-the-line). Don’t be surprised to soon see a couple of Limited Version Jeeps, making their way up the challenging paths to the Dudhsagar falls or following elephants in the Bondla Sanctuary. After all, it’s Goa. How much more Goan can you get than the Jeep. Thank you, Quadros motors. Thank you, Peter Vaz, of Models Construction Group.

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