Royal Enfield Ridermania 2017 – Day 1

Races, chases, dirt track racing, beer drinking, arm wrestling, custom bikes, music, and dancing

From 17-19 November the field at the bottom of the hill in Ozran Vagator gets ready for the annual Royal Enfield #Ridermania event. This year too preparations on the field in Vagator began a week ago and today the event opened with a big bang. More than 6000 riders registered and queued up to buy their digital wrist bands that would allow them to participate in the wide range of events ranging from races, chases, dirt track racing, beer drinking, arm wrestling, custom bikes, music, and dancing.

Here are some of the highlights of Day 1 – Yesterday 17th November

Royal Enfield
The entrance to the Hilltop venue.

Amidst throbbing engines and black leather clad riders in well sculpted helmets and full safety gear – kneepads, shoulder pads, riding shoes…there was a ripple of sheer excitement, a wave of Adrenalin.  This was the beginning of the three day #ridermania.

Royal Enfield
The Parking lot is full

Imagine more than 6000 Royal Enfield riders, not to mention hundreds of other bikers, from all over the country. Some came from the international circuit too. After all this is Goa. A hotspot on the international circuit, for travelers and bikers too.

Royal Enfield
Over 6000 entrants
Royal Enfield
Riders from all over the country. Pic Curtsy – The Quint
Royal Enfield
The Music/Entertainment stage

After a whole day of throbbing excitement on two wheels…it was time for Metallical, on stage.

Royal Enfield
The Service Center

Want to get the best of Royal Enfield service? It would be a really good idea to tune up and spruce up before your event, so you can give it your very best.

Royal Enfield
Dirt track racing

350cc and 500cc, Novices and experts…raced around the dirt track and chased each other to be the winner.

Royal Enfield
The Grand Prize. Pic credit – Royal Enfield Ridermania Facebook page
Royal Enfield
Schedule for Day 1
Royal Enfield
From their Twitter Account

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