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Susse Café is an up market restaurant run by Devika Dutt and her husband Thomas on the eclectic Las Vegas strip of North Goa. Thomas with his passion for food, specializes in European and fusion cuisine and the exclusive menu offers gourmet foods from all around the globe in an elegant luxurious Lounge. The restaurant is decorated with private art collections, reminiscent of a jazz bar and romantic open-air Mediterranean style terraces. To enjoy and savour this gastronomic feast you have to pace yourself to do justice to the delicacies on offer and be very adventurous. It is a culinary adventure. Thomas and his kitchen brigade fine tunes nuances in the preparations listed on the menu. The Susse Kitchen sources a wide selection of the finest imported ingredients together with the freshest local specialties to offer delectable dishes, all prepared a la minute. The USP is the food.

Enjoy their Signature Dishes-Fois Gras (imported goose liver served on toast accompanied with caramelized onion and brandied pear). If you are on a fishing spree, then served with cream cheese, lettuce, onions, capers and tomatoes). Their menu does have a choice of seafood- the Mangalica Prawns (seasoned and marinated and then wrapped in imported bacon and pan-fried) or the Seafood Truffle Pasta guaranteed to ruffle those tastebuds. (Seafood pasta in a white wine sauce infused with Italian white truffles). Another favourite is the New Zealand Lamb Chops served with a fresh mint and parsley sauce and in addition there are served vegetarian options. If lunch or dinner is not what you are looking for but something snacky, then let the chefs of the susse dish out stone-oven baked thin crust pizzas with different toppings. Complement this with a coffee.

The coffee served here is sourced directly from farms in South India and is roasted at the café to ensure the richest aroma and flavour by their roast-master. The Susse bar offers a collection of rare congnacs, aged single malts, and over a hundred types of wine from around the world… well balanced to raise your spirits. With the price to match the food, Devika and Thomas believe is giving a luxuriant and spectacular ambiance with great service.

0832 2479020, 9011379804
Opp Kashmir House, Candolim, Goa

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