Private Villas in Arambol To Barbeque Some Stunning Sizzlers

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Carambolim Lake Goa – Directions, Activities | Goa Tourism

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Arambol Sweet water Lake – Directions, History, Significance

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Arambol celebrates the Ramponkaranche Ani Voddekaranchem Fest


The Ramponkaranche ani Voddekaranche Fest was celebrated by the villagers of Arambol for the second year in succession. The brainchild of the Festamkar, Marius Fernandes, this fest was conceptualized to bring to the fore the dying occupation of traditional fishing in Goa. Very few Ramponkars and Voddekars still practice fishing with their ‘rampons’ (handheld fishing […]

Sing, dance and catch some fish at the ‘Ramponnkaranchem fest’ in Arambol on Sept 17

Ramponnkaranchem fest

Arambol village in North Goa will come alive with festivities on September 17, 2017, when the villagers will gather to celebrate the ‘Ramponnkaranchem fest’. The people visiting the festival can practically experience how the traditional fishermen haul in their catch for the day. “We will show people at the fest how we cast the net and […]

The hills of Carambolim loose jumbo-sized cashew nut “botto”

"Botto" jumbo-sized cashew

Carambolim Housing Project replaces cashew farm destroying mother “botto” The hills of Carambolim in North Goa were famous for a special type of cashew tree locally known as “botto”. This tree was brought to Goa by the Portuguese. It produced large yellow, juicy cashew apples and cashew nuts. The jumbo-sized cashew nuts weighed 10 gms […]


Transforming from it’s ‘not­-so­-favorable’ condition for birds, in 2007-­08, to one of the bird’s most favorable one, Carambolim Lake and Wood found favor in the eyes of many birds and therefore bird lovers. Without a doubt, this place is worth spending time at if you want a good bird watching experience. The woods surrounding don’t […]


While many of Goa’s beaches are globally popular amongst party­goers, some of its beaches offer tranquility and peaceful environs and attract the exclusivity ­loving traveller. Arambol Beach is unique for its long, uninterrupted stretches of white sand. Since it has not undergone as much commercialisation as its more famous counterparts, it is the perfect location […]

Dragonflies and damselflies walk held in event leading up to the Echoes of Earth festival

Panaji, January 2024- Dragonflies and damselflies are accurate bio-indicators as the presence or absence of such species is a reflection of the health of that particular ecosystem, especially wetlands, which are abundant in Goa, according to naturalist Parag Rangnekar. Speaking at a recent walk at Carambolim titled ‘Wetland Wings: Dragonfly & Damselfly Walk’, Rangnekar stated that […]

The Inspiring Journey of NRG

By Steve Antao Pradeep Chandran, a.k.a. Eddie, is a man who dons multiple hats. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Eddie moved to Goa in June 2020 in order to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. Being new to Goa, Eddie used to often find himself alone and lonely, especially during weekends. […]