Exquisite Restaurants and Cafe’s: Near Calangute Beach

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Private Villas in Calangute To Enjoy The Coastal Belt in Seclusion


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Cheap Hotels Near Calangute Beach To Instead Spend On Parasailing

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Best Hotels in Calangute in 2022 For Last Minute Goa Trips

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Andores Resort & Spa: Serenity within the chaos of Calangute


Calangute has to be the busiest and most chaotic village in North Goa. It’s known for being home to most of Goa’s famous nightlife, numerous hotels and a variety of restaurants. Locals say that the village has reached its saturation point as far as the building of hotels goes. And yet somehow, there is always […]

Calangute resident arrested for alleged blackmail and extortion


Calangute in North Goa has been a favorite of tourists for years. Most of Goa’s nightlife and popular restaurants are located in this very spot making it the place to visit all year round. There’s even a variety of hotels to choose from, ranging from the budget range to the extremely expensive. Of course, no […]

Calangute beach: Where the parties (and violations) never stop


A New Year is here and with it comes another round of parties on the beach, especially on Calangute and Baga beaches. Unfortunately, along with these come the violations of the beach shack policy given by the tourism authorities. The violations on Calangute beach in particular Picture this. It’s sunset on the Calangute-Baga beach stretch. […]

‘FDA Kitchen Nightmares’ 15 restaurants raided 10 sealed in Calangute

restaurants raided

Fifteen restaurants raided in Calangute by the Food and Drugs Administration. The FDA has been working their toes off giving restaurants monsoon surprises this year. Locals have shown a bit of a dismay regarding the restaurants raided and shut down, as it was their regular meet-up places. The food may be pretty and well served […]

18 facts you didn’t know about the Calangute Garbage Plant

The Solid Waste Management Facility at Calangute completed its 1st Anniversary on the 30th of May 2017. After one year of successful operations, the performance of the Facility is surely to be applauded. Here are some facts you may not have known about the Calangute Garbage Treatment Plant.   1. The Facility is entirely compliant with […]

Tourists’ fall prey to deep sea creatures in Calangute

In two separate incidents a German and an Indian national reportedly attacked by sea creatures of the deep at Goa’s infamous Calangute beach are doing the rounds on the internet. Unfortunately, these weren’t reported to the police. “On Tuesday (January 3) afternoon, an Indian tourist was bitten by a hichan. These sea snakes appear close […]