New Year Festivals of India And Why We Love Government Holidays

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DDSSY is a Government insurance scheme that costs just Rs. 250 a year

Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana or DDSSY at Healthway Hospital

Medical emergencies can strike at any time. This is the reason why we often take out health insurance policies so that when the time comes, we do not find ourselves in a financial crunch. There are a number of different companies offering health insurance with a variety of features and benefits, covering various medical conditions […]

The Government of Goa is banning single use plastic – and we couldn’t be happier!

Government says no to single-use plastic

In the last couple of years, establishments across Goa have been banding together to support the ban on single-use plastic. In restaurants such as Baba Au Ruhm or Thaal, it is not uncommon to see drinks served without straws, or supplied paper or metal straws when asked. It’s this conscious effort from restaurant owners that […]

Can Goa be India’s next IT capital? The Government seems to think so

IT Park

For IT professionals working in the metros like Bangalore and Mumbai, a daily work commute starts and ends with one to two hours of traffic. The time between is spent in high rises behind desks in cubicles, cafeteria lunches, and heavy pollution instead of fresh air when stepping out for a break. Given these tired […]

Goa government sanctions 5 crores for Kerala relief operations


Kerala is doing its best to recover from the devastating floods that hit the southern state last week. Besides locals assisting in rescue efforts and also providing aid, many have driven into Kerala from other states, including Goa to also offer assistance. Goa has gone even further and has contributed 5 crores to the Kerala […]

No Nipah virus alerts for Goa says state government

Nipah virus

In the old days, getting sick wasn’t unheard of or seen but it didn’t seem to be deadly. Not like it is in this day and age. People caught colds, coughs, viral fever, malaria and other illnesses. But today, it seems as if there is a mutated version of all these plus newer illnesses for […]

The Adopt a Heritage Project now in Goa, government is in the dark

Heritage Project

India has a vast and rich heritage. From art, sculpture, music, paintings and even monuments, the country has each and every one. In museums and in public settings, from North to South, you can see it all. However, in recent years, it seems to have become difficult to maintain such grand monuments. Now the government has […]

Directorate of Art and Culture, Government of Goa organizes Octave 2017

Octave 2017

The month of November is certainly shaping up to be one that is chockful of events. The inaugural of the 1st edition of Octave 2017, a celebration of North Eastern culture happens today at Ravindra Bhavan in Margao and it goes on until the 12th of November. This cultural extravaganza will present folk arts and […]

Goa to have solar powered government buildings by next year


Solar power in India is a fast developing industry. In a bid to limit the consumption of electricity, the Goa government aims to adopt solar energy panels to self-generate power and run on the same. This is supposed to be in place by sometime next year. Running on solar power Government buildings in Goa plan to […]

Long queues for government job recruiting may soon be long gone


Let’s face it, the job scene in Goa is minimal at best. Or so we believe. The government apparently does have vacancies but also extremely long queues to fill these positions. Therefore, one can imagine at the task they have at filling in these posts. They are now looking at changing the system of recruiting […]