Dhalo Dance And Why Women Perform It During Moonlight

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What do you know about the tribes of Goa and their backgrounds?


Goa has long played an important part in the history of India. In spite of being the smallest state in the country, it has a rich history, heritage, and culture. And a lot of this comes from the original settlers, the tribes of Goa that we’ve learned about in school. What do we really know […]

Kunbi Tribal Facts

Did you know that apart from the Gowdas, the Kunbi tribe were the earliest settlers of Goa? Tribe History Kunbis, are arguably the earliest settlers of Goa. They are a sturdy tribal community mostly settled in Salcete Taluka, who were Hindus, were converted to Christianity during the Portuguese era, have still retained the most ancient […]

What was Goa like before the Portuguese?


Ever wondered what was Goa like before the Portuguese rule? This article gives you a brief history before the Portuguese arrival. Prehistoric Goa Evidence of human life in Goa dates back to 8000-6000 B.C. where homo-sapiens  lived in the Konkan region with rock carvings of figures of Mother Goddess and many other motifs near the Kushavati […]

93 Sacred Groves of Goa


By Rebecca Pereira Goa is said to possess 93 Sacred Groves. Sacred groves are patches of pristine forest area which are dedicated to local deities or forest spirits in Goa. Traditional worship of these patches as well as of plants and animals has been carried out since ancient times. Tribal communities who first inhabited Goa […]