Pearly shells on the ocean, shining in the sun covering the shore. Well there is no doubt that the beach of Mobor can boast on this as well as an inviting combination of laidback charm and elegance. Without a doubt this restaurant has a breathtaking view of the ocean. Sit and have Sex on the beach, the vodka and the schnapps with juice is sure to juice up those feelings for a well sought meal. Choose from a huge selection of freshly caught fish or shellfish, all beautifully displayed and cooked to perfection, as you like it. Nope this is not a Shakespearean drama, but the chefs enact their own drama on the live grill. Choose from butter garlic, Raechad or plain steamed. On the mains the Grilled Seafood Platter adds sizzle to the experience. However, one has a choice of European or Goan cuisine too. Spinach and feta Cheese Stuffed Calamari or the Goan Fillet Steak.

Ask for the Chef’s house specialities, which include the Chorizo Stuffed Naan, which makes a good accompaniment to the elaborate list of starters and mains. And as you look into the blue expanse of sky and see remember the desserts too are the chef’s special. Order the blue Lagoon, the vodka will do the rest.Despite the topping of lemonade you will realize that nothing can top this experience on the beach…at the Beach Grill.


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