Located in the idyllic Mobor beach, a place famous for it’s pristine white beaches. Mobor beach is the ideal holiday destination for Europeans with chartered flights coming from UK and Russia on a regular basis.Betty’s Place is located right next to The Leela and Holiday Inn and provides a range of services. Betty’s restaurant offers the freshest local food in the state. A special fish display allows you to choose the catch of the day. Betty’s Place runs 2 different shacks at Mobor beach. These shacks cater to casual dining guests who need a quick drink or a snack while relaxing on the beach. There is also a varied food menu similar to the one offered at Betty’s Place. It’s a truly refreshing experience sitting in the cool shade right next to the white sandy beach sipping on an ice-cold beer or an exotic cocktail concocted by our bartender. Day-Out Cruise: Betty’s Day-Out Cruise will be the highlight of your trip to Goa. This trip is so popular with our guests, that it is fully booked for more than 1 week in advance. If you are coming to Goa for a short trip (less than 1 week), it is advisable to book this trip before you start your journey.

If you are coming to Goa for at least a week, then make sure you book it, the moment you land in Goa. Great Escape: The “Great Escape” trip is perfect for those who need a little peace and quiet. Just across from Mobor beach is a mountain range,that hides a number of pristine tiny beaches. These beaches are not accessible from the land, and are ideal for just relaxing without anyone bothering you. Sunset Cruise: The sunset cruise is perfect for those who want to explore the rich surroundings of River Sal. The area is teeming with birds and the trip is ideal for bird-lovers, or just to see the beauty of River Sal and local villagers going about in small canoes. Custom Cruises: Customize special trips based on your requirements but they will need at least 2 weeks advance notice. They have a number of boats ranging from a small 6 seater, a 30-seat capacity catamaran, and a double-decker 40+ seat capacity boat.

Located next to two luxurious resorts – The Leela and Holiday Inn – Betty’s Place – on the banks of River Sal, has staunch loyalists who swear by its seafood. Seabass Fillet or Fillet of Red Snapper (marinated with white pepper and pan-fried in butter garlic) is extremely popular on their menu. The freshness of sea here is guaranteed as the eatery has its own fishing boat. Apart from seafood, you can also try their authentic Goan, Indian, European and Thai food. From their Goan menu, try the Goan Fish Curry or Pomfret Recheado. Other popular dishes are Butter Prawn, Thai Fish Steak, Thai Red Chicken Curry, Minced Tenderloin Steak and Cheddar Stuffed Shredded Chicken Breast. The place has a well-stocked bar that serves cocktails, mocktails and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at reasonable prices. The seating is alfresco in the garden or inside near the bar. And if you want to venture out to the sea, they will organize boat cruises for you.


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