“Project Goa as an IT investment destination” say IT Professionals to Govt.

Goa as an IT Investment Destination

Goa IT Professionals (GITP) issued an open letter to the Government. In the letter the GITP professionals asked the Government to promote the state as a information technology (IT) investment destination. This was submitted at the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) summit.

“Goa has an excellent opportunity to present itself as a serious industrial destination during the upcoming BRICS summit. We cannot afford to remain constrained by the tourist destination image we have carried so far,” stated the GITP in their open letter to the government as quoted by TOI.

The Goa IT Professionals had earlier participated in making the new IT policy of the state. At that time they asked the government to showcase the state’s IT policies. They also asked the Government to showcase the ‘Electronic System Design and Manufacturing’ (ESDM) and IT parks at the event. Besides also promoting Goa as an industrial location.

“The participating countries are driving the future of world economy. We should soon see companies from these countries considering Goa for their next expansion,” GITP said.

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