The star power is in full glory posted on the wall. Shades of David Beckham and Sachin Tendulkar. Good Man’s is a popular hangout with the expat crowd in Colva. With its checked red and green tablecloths and friendly staff, it’s popular place to walk into. There is a wide ranging menu which has something for everyone, although the emphasis, though, is on European and English food. Let’s start with the breakfast – it starts with hot drinks, not the spirited ones but a choice of coffee and teas. Or perhaps indulge in the Goodman’s breakfast. Name definitely sounds appropriate for this bountiful American breakfast modestly priced at Rs.180. For the meals there is a healthy mix of soups and salads (it does cater for the foreigners) and the European choice is somewhat bland. But they do have a sprinkling of spiced preparations too…for starters the Chicken Lollipop soup on a French Onion Soup, a Minesterone Soup or a Seafood Soup (three seafood added). But there’s very good variety if you’re an international foodie with western delights like Caribbean Lobster, Caribbean Tiger Prawns, which comes in a piquant rum-based sauce. Or go French with a Pomfret Grilled in white wine sauce.

Steak your money on their steaks…its global. A London Chicken Steak (herb sauce marinated and crumb fried), a Mexican chicken (with spiced red sauce, rosemary, bread-crumbed and grilled). Or perhaps the Beef Steak (stuffed with cheese and served with cheese wine sauce). Move down to sunny Italy. Florentine, Bolognaise or Marinare…it’s a pasta encore. You will definitely catch someone with a finger in a pie…they serve some innovative pies, like a Chicken and Pineapple Pie, as well as the standard Chicken Shepherds Pie, which is popular with the British crowd. End the meal with the pancake…its you choice (honey, banana, rum coconut or chocolate). Everything sounds so good…man. You are after all at Good Man.

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