Junior resident doctors to receive a pay hike

Junior resident doctors, para clinical and pre-clinical junior residents will receive a pay hike according to a state government proposal. “A finance officer said very few candidates join non-clinical courses and, probably, an increase in pay package will encourage students to join them. More importantly, he said, they have tried to correct the disparity in salaries which was unjustified” – Reported TOI

Students pursuing their post graduation are paid a remuneration when they join in as junior residents. Junior residents in the clinical section are usually receive a salary of 55, 000 for the first year, 60, 000 for the second year and 65, 000 for the third year. The pay is proposed to be hiked to 60, 000 and 62, 500 for the first and the second year.

Para – clinical and pre – clinical candidates receive a salary of 25, 000  for three years of junior residency. It is proposed to be hiked to 60, 000 for the three years.

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