Located at a scenic spot on the Arambol cliff-side, between the main Arambol beach and the freshwater lake, this excellent shack is best described as “new age with a very electric menu”. Arambol beach being a favourite with the Isreal crowd, there’s an extensive menu of Isreali dishes like Hummus with Pita, various types of lafas, which are dumplings or rolls with various fillings and the popular Chicken Schnitzel, which is a fried chicken steak served with chips and salad and has a distinct Mediterranean flavour. This is a good place to try Tibetan momos. The richoste or momos in soup, kothay or fried momos and prawn momos are good. Also recommended are Beef Steak, Grilled Chicken, Spinach Mushroom au Gratin, Chicken Tikka Masala and seekh kababs. There are decent pizzas, salads, sizzlers and cocktails.

9823557116/ 9420978706
Khalcha Vaddo, Cliff’s Side, Arambol Beach, Goa.

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