The fresh catch of the day continues to be the ethos of the restaurant. Escorted past the counter, you admire a long raised trough of chipped ice: rows of red snapper, pompano, grouper, prawns, lobsters, and oysters – vibrant, engaging colours reminiscent of a pristine sea. Stop before you enter the restaurant to look into that display of varieties offered for your meal. Then sit down by the riverside (the ambience is created for romance) and watch as moonlight plays over dappled water. You will hear the swish of the waves lapping over the stones, take a deep breath of air that whispers in your ear…its time to place your order.

The restaurant makes a promise- ‘we grill what is caught today, with some of our famous grill marinades’ Yes the marinades encompass a range of continental and Goan flavours. Lemon Chilli Coriander- the marinade a classy spicey and tangy flavours that augment any fresh seafood. Or choose the Peri Peri – the classic Portuguese style spicy chilli sauce recommended best with prawns. The Careal – perfect for a pomfret, you can’t go wrong with this classic Goan marinade. Or the Reachad – can’t go wrong with a Kingfish with this one. So now you have studied the marinades.

You have checked out the fish available for your meal. Put the two together and make your choice. The staff help you plan all the right moves for a simply fantastic experience that will grill your senses to peak expectations. As you wait for your order to be prepared watch the white chef coats blur together behind a veil of smoke and fire. One of them might even salute you with long tongs, as he grabs a slab of mahi-mahi, before dipping it into a bowl of marinade. He then lays it on a wood-burning grill, igniting the flames below, and your appetite too. Finish off with the international Tiramisu or the New York Cheesecake. Going local? Try the Sera Dura for an experience that will be memorable every single time you order it. Simply Grills is pure creativity, the chefs conceptualise an experience that will be memorable every single time you visit.


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